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DanCell Esther
DanCell Esther
DKK 2.899,00 
DKK 1.999,00 
Pioneer PD-10-K CD-afspiller.
Pioneer PD-10-K CD-afspiller.
Pioneer PD-10-K CD-afspiller.
Vejl. pris DKK 1.999,00  inkl. moms

Pioneer PD-10-K CD-afspiller.

levering 3-5 dage

Vare nr. PD-10-K

Klassisk 43 cm HI-Fi CD-afspiller * Kan afspille SACD * Mulighed for afspilning af MP3, MPEG-4 og WMA filer via USB indgang * Både analog og digital udgang (optisk og coaxial) * Fjernbetjening
Play Super Advanced CDs with DSD and music from USB.

This SACD player features Direct Construction with Separate Shield Structure. The shield isolates the audio block from the power block allowing the signal transmission to pass through the shortest and simplest path. This reduces noise and distortion resulting in crystal clear audio.
Including Hi-bit DSP technology, the PD-10 guarantees high-precision and high-speed processing for significantly greater accuracy.

he player is also compatible with Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio files - the optimum formatfor storing extremely high-resolution audio on SACD.

A front USB port allows immediate access to music files stored on your USB memory stick (MP3, MPEG-4, WMA).
Sound Retriever significantly improves the sound quality of those compressed audio files to give you CD-level clarity, while Pure Audio Listening mode is available for impeccable analogue sound reproduction.




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